SnugTrac Wood Train Track Connectors, less rebuilding, more playing.

  • Keeps wood tracks together without glue or nails
  • Does not affect the look of the track
  • Once SnugTrac is on you don’t have to worry about loosing them
  • Create longer elevated or bridge span tracks with fewer support blocks
  • Made from safe, non-toxic silicone

Suzanne gave it 5 stars. “Aloha, we received your Snugtrac & very impressed. They add a “Grand Slam’ to wooden train track building. Merry Merry to you & your family. Most of all may I thank you & your boy’s for this wonderful product!

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Snug Trac is a must have for every wood train track set. Slip them on once and start building your sturdy track layout without worry of the tracks falling apart while playing. You can create long, elevated and bridge spans with fewer support blocks. But the best part is that you can easily pull the tracks apart and create new designs because using Snug Trac is not like using nails or glue, it’s not permanent. Simply pull the tracks apart, slip them together in a new pattern and start playing once again. The patent pending design of Snug Trac ensures that the wood tracks will not come apart on their own. The clear design allows the track to keep its original look. Works with all wood train tracks like Brio and Thomas. Snug Trac is made from non-toxic silicone. Spend less time fixing your track and more time playing. Snug Trac comes with 20 pieces which will be plenty for the average size track layout.